Why Does The Guy Cheat – The Most Common Reasons

How many percent of men cheat on their partners? The Guy Cheat This is one of the most frequently asked questions on Google. Since there is no universally accepted definition of infidelity, estimates of its prevalence vary widely, ranging from 26 percent to 70 percent for women and 33 percent to 75 percent for men. ”(Esther Perel’s The State of Affairs)

What are the types of betrayal?

Social media largely makes it relatively easy to develop a romantic or erotic attachment to another person without any physical contact, and also paves the way for quick YourLatinMates.com offline physical encounters. What does treason look like today? Below are some basic categories:

Emotional betrayal

It is the most common type of betrayal, admitted to it by approx. 45% of men and approx. 35% of women (General Social Survey). This type of betrayal involves a deep emotional connection between a person and someone who is not their partner. In this case, there may not be physical betrayal at all, but the individuals involved have deep, often intimate communication with each other.

Virtual betrayal

Virtual betrayal is a modern epidemic, an emotional relationship developed online. Contrary to traditional romance, online betrayal may seem less serious because everything happens online. How to distinguish an online friendship relationship from a betrayal? You need to look at the characteristics of the relationship:

Is your partner trying to keep it a secret?

There a sexual and emotional overtone?

Is he confiding in this person for emotional support?

Physical betrayal

Most often considered a betrayal, even if other components of the definition differ.


We consider it to be a micro-health to flirt with other people on social media, flirt with a waitress or waiter in a cafe, have a dating profile despite being in a relationship, constant close contact with your ex-partner (not applicable when sharing childcare). It is called micro-treachery, YourLatinMates but for some people this behavior may be completely unacceptable.

Why Does The Guy Cheat - The Most Common Reasons 2022

Object betrayal

Appears when a partner becomes obsessively interested in something outside of the relationship. It could be a hobby, an idea, or in many cases pornography.

Why do men cheat on their partners?

When it comes to the psychology of betrayal, research and clinical experience have identified certain personality traits that may be associated with this feeling. Below are some of them (Kenneth Paul Rosenberg – “Infidelity”)

  1. Narcissism / narcissistic traits– inflated self-esteem and putting your own needs first.
  2. Lack of empathy– Inability to understand the emotions / needs of the other person.
  3. Greatness– overestimating your attractiveness and your skills, especially sexual
  4. Being impulsive– making important decisions with serious consequences when influenced by emotions
  5. Seeker of novelty or strong impressions 
  6. Unique attachment style– fear of commitment, withdrawal in the event of emotional closeness

Emotional betrayal in a guy

While virtual betrayal is the scourge of our times, emotional betrayal is the most controversial and there is the most ambiguity around it! When are we talking about ordinary friendship between a man and a woman? Can men and women be just friends? When does an intimate, non-sexual relationship with someone other than a partner qualify as infidelity?

Of course, men and women can be friends. They can be supportive of each other, but there are several characteristics that separate emotional betrayal from friendship:

  • undermining the underlying relationship in discussions, analyzes, etc.
  • keeping the relationship secret from the partner.
  • frequent complaints about their romantic partners.
  • The relationship competes with and weakens the original relationship.

Physical betrayal by a man – The Guy Cheat

In emotional betrayal, a common motive is to seek support, closeness, conversations, ties, and greater understanding than in the main relationship. In the case of physical betrayal, the most common reason is looking for new impressions, variations and experiences. However, contrary to appearances, physical betrayal is not only about chemistry? As the aforementioned Rosenberg points out, The Guy Cheat romance usually involves spending less time with a real, living person and more with the person we have conjured up from our longings, our hopes, our fantasies and our fears.

Why do guys cheat physically ?

Lust often has more to do with your own feelings, your mental representation of the other person, and the context of your encounter than with the desired person itself. Often, cheating people say, ” I don’t know – she just affects me in a way that my partner cannot . ” Often, however, in this aspect, we ignore the following components: adrenaline associated with experiencing something new, The Guy Cheat uncertainty, atmosphere, music, or such a banal addition that makes a big difference like alcohol.

We omit many aspects, and attribute the desire to a new person, comparing him to a familiar “partner” in a so-called tracksuit at home! It is worth remembering that betrayal is often more related to us and our mind than to the specific person!

How to know if a man cheated – the guy’s behavior after cheating

Experts say the first signs of an affair may be a change in habits, certain common behaviors on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the potential behavior of a man who cheats on his half.

  1. Changes in communication– including changing the topic, avoiding conversation, cutting off, but also increased emotional reactions, accusing
  2. Changes in appearance, a sudden greater attachment to the external appearance.
  3. New hobbies / interests that consume a lot of time.
  4. Intensified criticism towards you– appearance, behavior, work.
  5. Mystery, stiffened boundaries in the area of ​​personal belongings 
  6. No interest in intimacy.
  7. Accusations of treason. 
  8. Financial misunderstandings and / or need to separate finances. 

This is not an exhaustive list, and the above list can also be a sign of your partner’s emotional difficulties, problems at work, problems with self-esteem, self-confidence! Remember that!

What does the guy who cheated on feel?

There is an automatic emotional imbalance between the cheating partner and the cheated partner, and neither side is able to truly understand their attitudes. The Guy Cheat Some cheating men feel a strong sense of guilt and sadness, but there is also a group who feel fulfilled by being desired. What is most important is focusing on yourself, your emotions, not on analyzing your partner.

How not to be betrayed – how to avoid a man’s betrayal?

Wondering what to look for in your relationship to prevent cheating? I don’t think that’s the best intention for taking care of a relationship! Most often we attract our greatest fears. However, it is worth intentionally strengthening your relationship by caring for it comprehensively. What can be helpful here is the House of Good Relations theory, created by John Gottman. 

The DDR model serves as a blueprint to help couples deepen their intimacy, deal with conflicts, and share what matters to both of them, individually and as a couple.

There are seven levels of DDR described in three components: the Friendship System, the Conflict System, and the Meaning System

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 Friendship System: The Guy Cheat

  1. Map of love– refers to how detailed the partners know about themselves, their interests, thoughts, hopes, ideas, feelings, dreams, etc. Having this map is the most basic level of friendship that, if not working well, in a relationship there is distance and distance that lead to a feeling of alienation.
  2. Affection and admiration– this level is about the partners’ ability to notice and express what they appreciate about each other, building respect for each other.
  3. Invitation to contact– this is the smallest measurable unit of intimacy that reflects the way in which partners try to maintain the bond on a daily basis, it is an ordinary good morning, asking about a day at work, sharing thoughts on a watched program, etc.
  4. Positive perspective– meaning a sense of humor, an emotional bond and less reactivity / negativity in conflicts. This is a consequence of taking care of the 3 levels described above.

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