IF I could post without a star I sure would! If you pay close attention, you will see this site is a fraud! All the girls share the same clothes. This IS just a modeling agency put together to RIP MEN OFF! If you buy some credits or use the “free credits” they say you accrue the site STEALS them from you, then tells you that YOU clicked on a file that YOU KNOW you did not. I was enticed with a FREE LIVE CHAT which I clicked on. You get three minutes free. IF a “girl” answers, they stall & ask silly questions like, “are you real” & “can you prove me you real”? If YOU question them doubting you, they call you rude or try to get you to argue so you will stay longer & waste more credits. NONE of these girls will ever be in your area no matter what they say! STAY AWAY from this RIP OFF SITE!!! You will NEVER meet one of these girls face to face!

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