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The Art of Make Love to A Man isn’t just for men. There are two of you in this business, and the woman of course also has her role to play in order to make it a moment of pure shared pleasure. Here are some basic tips for making love to a man that should give you an idea of ​​what an assertive lover can be.

Desire Your Man to Make Love to Him Well

Making love to a man well begins with having a sincere and burning desire. Does the mere sight of a piece of his body cause butterflies in your stomach? When he bursts out laughing. Are you dying to rip his shirt or t-shirt off? It’s good that you feel a burning desire for this man! If this is not the case. Do not put pressure on yourself and do not force yourself: the moment will be DilMil disappointing for both of you.

But if you feel that you are everything when he brushes past you. Don’t wait any longer and show him! A man likes to feel wanted. To know that you want to take care of him and please him. This is the best way to give him confidence and also make him want to take care of you! This is often the key to making love to a man well .

When you feel overwhelmed by a wave of desire for him. Indulge your desires, let him know one way or another. Tell him by whispering naughty words in his ear. Titillate him, kiss him… A simple touch or a simple kiss can be enough to launch a great party of festivities under the duvet if you are both in phase.

How (Good) to Make Love to A Man African Date

The Art of Making Love to a Man: turn him on and raise the temperature!

To increase desire, there’s nothing like good foreplay , because yes, they’re not just for women. Men also like to be pampered in bed before making love to them. Caresses and kisses distributed all over his body while you undress him will not fail to create a nice sexual tension.

We don’t teach you anything, when you make love to a man , you can feel that his excitement is mainly concentrated in the underpants!. But a man is not limited to his sexual organs and he sometimes has other sensitive areas that can be interesting to focus on during the foreplay phase. We especially think of the nipples, which are particularly receptive to caresses with the tongue, but also the inside of the thighs, the buttocks, the neck. So many erogenous zones to take into account if you want to know how to make love to a man …

Also watch his reactions and do not hesitate to ask him what he prefers. If you are daring, there is a secret G-spot in men, located halfway between the anus and the scrotum and into which you can gently slip your finger… guaranteed effect! Remember to check that your man is ok with DilMil.Co where you are going. Listen without necessarily starting a big discussion, sometimes a simple look is enough!

To end the foreplay on a high note, take care of his sex, lavishing all sorts of sweets on him. Blowjob is obviously not an obligation every time you make love together, but a sexual practice that can be very exciting for some men. Be careful, it might be hot!

To Make Love to a Man Well, Take Your Time

Nothing sexier in bed than a confident woman who listens to herself. Yes, to make love to a man well , you don’t need to have memorized the kama sutra or reproduce porn scenes! Don’t play at being someone you’re not if you don’t feel like it! It is even counterproductive and your partner will inevitably end up feeling it.

If you want to make love to a man , listen to yourself, listen to him. What do your feelings tell you when you rub against it? Experience massaging it gently from head to toe, without rushing. Use your hands or the rest of your body, without thinking too much. Do what comes naturally to you and let the dance of your two bodies guide you. Deep down, you already know how to make love right.

No need to chain acrobatics and do everything so that the man quickly reaches orgasm. By doing this, you risk missing out on the real moment of exchange. And the “wow” effect of a good part of the leg in the air!

Enjoyment Above All 

Love is made in pairs, so it would be a shame for you to fade away during such a moment. Unless it’s something that excites you and him too. Remember that the ultimate goal of sex with a man is not necessarily to achieve orgasm, but rather that you get maximum enjoyment.

If that’s what you’re sharing with a guy. You can show your enthusiasm with moans, naughty or encouraging words . If you’re not a fan of sound effects and chatter, you can also show him that you like what he does to you in other ways, by scratching his back, biting his neck or grabbing his buttocks. for example. The art of making love to a man sometimes holds many surprises!

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Look him in the eyes, give him kisses and caresses, take initiatives, suggest positions where you dominate him or expose your anatomy to him… these are all gestures that will undoubtedly drive him mad with pleasure and stimulate you yourself. at the same time. The warmer it will be between you, the better it will be!

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