Are You Stuck in a Toxic Relationship?

Are You Stuck in a Toxic Relationship? Let’s face it – most relationships aren’t idyllic. Do not be under the illusion that your friends have perfect relationships – most of them have a bottom that you have no idea about, and happy and beautiful are only for show … Every, even the best relationship struggles with problems, crises, conflicts or periods of doubt. However, there is a fundamental difference between a good relationship that goes through even a major crisis, and a toxic relationship that offers no hope of improvement. Are you in a relationship and feeling lonely, undervalued, unhappy? Read this article.

The first symptoms of toxic love appear at the beginning of the relationship, unfortunately we are too happy and too fascinated with our new partner to notice them. After the first euphoria subsides, the signs become more and more clear, but then also most of us underestimate them, because since we have endured so much, we will persevere a little longer … Such thinking is a trap!


If you suspect that your other half is hiding something from you – it probably is. In a long relationship, we can tell you exactly when something is wrong. If he / she is hiding a secret from you, it is a sign that he / she does not trust you. It works both ways – if you are afraid to reveal your secrets because you think the other side could use them against you – let it go, because your sub consciousness is just giving you a sign that he is not a trustworthy person. It’s not gonna happen. You can’t buy trust in a supermarket. Either it is there or it is not.


Even though neither you nor your partner are lying about what you did last night. At the weekend, at an integration party, etc., you omit facts or change. The subject when the other party asks for details … Of course you don’t have to be Be absolutely honest with yourself and report events in chronological order. But a relationship requires openness and honesty with yourself, not obscuring the facts. If you are lying and you feel that the other party is also lying, don’t expect it to be different in the future.


None of us like to be taken for granted. And it is not about telling yourself. How special we are to each other every day, but it is always worth remembering. That in our life there is never anyone and nothing certain. Treating your partner as a certainty, as something that is and will always be with us, is also a sign TripTogether that one side’s feelings are not as strong as the other’s. Then it is easy to hurt the other person without worrying about what he feels.

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Ok, you are in love and you want to spend every moment together – that’s understandable, but everything has its limits. If you noticed that you haven’t seen your friends for over a month, or you suddenly realize that you don’t remember the last time you contacted your family – it’s a bad sign. Isolating yourself from social contact is neither good for you as an individual nor for your relationship. It can also be a sign that one of the parties is using or even deliberately isolating the other. Toxic people will try to keep you / you have as little contact with your loved ones as possible. Remember – you are not anyone’s property!


If you want everything to work as it should in your relationship, you must show mutual respect. Its lack leads to constant quarrels, criticizing the other party and, consequently, to using insults and insults towards each other. Your guy should make you feel good in your own skin, never the other way around. One of the main signs that you are in a toxic relationship and that your partner is abusing you is because of the offensive words directed at you. If so – run!


Quarrels are not always a sign of a toxic relationship, but too frequent quarrels are a sign. That the relationship is not healthy .. In addition, if they are usually arguing about. Things of small importance, such as washing dishes, leaving a mug in its place or cooking dinner. Then a very clear sign that you are not well. If you don’t live with each other yet, these quarrels may be less frequent, but when you decide to live together. Do not delude yourself that they will suddenly disappear – on the contrary, they will come back with double strength. Nobody deserves to spend most of their time arguing, in a nervous atmosphere, and finally feeling guilty. If neither of you can compromise, it is also a sign that it is time to consider whether this relationship is going to last.

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After parting ways, we always look for the culprit. We don’t have to look for a long time, because our other half is usually to blame. Worse if the blame begins while the relationship is still ongoing. If your partner constantly blames you for all his failures in life, or you find him to blame for your failures. All the time, either clear up all your misunderstandings or consider breaking up.


One of the last but equally important warning signals is lost communication. If you don’t talk to your partner for many days, you are no longer in a real relationship. Your relationship will not remain stable just because you have been together for a long time. You have to keep sharing your feelings and information about yourself, and that requires communication

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